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Wisconsin Wedding Weekend – Part 1…

“Good morning Wisconsin!” That’s exactly what I exclaimed everyday for the last three days because I got the chance to travel to the far away land of WISCONSIN! Why WI do you ask? Well if my title didn’t give it away, but I embarked on my first trip to the Midwest for the wedding of my former college roommate.  So with a flight booked, off to the country’s dairy capital I went! Meeting another friend early on Friday morning, we rented a car and decided to take in as much of the great state we possibly could in the short amount of time we had.  First stop was of course, lunch! We hit up the International Safe House – a spy themed restaurant appropriately hidden down a back alley in downtown Milwaukee.  It was a fun treat even from going through a faux bookcase that opened up to the main dining room.  The walls are covered in James Bond memorabilia and your server hands you clues and encourages you to wander around and open trick doors and passageways.  Even the exit is a hidden door you have to try to find and oh yea, pay a quarter to get out of….

Next up on our first day in WI – The Bronze Fonz of course! Yes, Milwaukee has a bronze statue of the Fonz also on the waterfront. Check it out below! We met a lovely couple from North Carolina who were very confused as to how two such young ladies knew who the Fonz even was, but rest assure we definitely do!!!

Well our time in Milwaukee was very short, and in just a few hours we were back in our chariot (rental car) and off to the middle of no where (literally) to visit the House on the Rock – a HUGE home, that looks more like a Disney World attraction, built on top/into a large rock formation, filled with antiques, crazy rooms and creepy music.  While an interesting thing to see, not sure I’d be going back year after year…

After the house it was on to our final WI destination – the state’s capital of Madison.  An hour ride from the House on the Rock, we stopped at cheese outlets, sausage outlets and laughed at all the fun/quirky signs that popped up in every small town.

Finally in Madison, we ventured for some grub and let me tell you, the Midwest lived up to it’s stereotype of having nice people – even the drunk ones were nice, making sure the hostess at the restaurant had our name down on the list for a table and pointed us (several times) to the bar for drinks.  It was a great first day in WI and stay tuned to see what else I experienced!!!

Top: Ann Taylor; Jeans: Forever 21; Shoes: Steve Madden; Bag: Louis Vuitton

Style Envy: Kenza Zouiten! The Swedish Model-turned Blogger-turned Designer


Kenza Zouiten, A.K.A. a woman after my own heart! Not only is she a gorgeous girl- she’s a model turned blogger turned co-founder / creative director of the clothing line IvyRevel. At the age of 22 this Swedish blogger has done it all!

Check her out on

xoxo- Frivolous Fringe

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Miss Me?…

Did you miss me? Hopefully you did, even just a little bit.  But seriously, can you believe the summer is basically over?  It went by way to quickly, and when you only have the weekends to enjoy the beautiful weather, it makes it seem even shorter.  That’s why had taken some time off the blog to just focus on myself and enjoy my final weeks of tan lines and cocktails.  But don’t you worry posts this week will be all new and full of good stuff, and just to tie you over till then, here are a few pics from my family vacation to Maine! Lobsters and blueberries and ocean, oh my! Until tomorrow fashionistas!

Colors of Fall

Here’s another Fall Fashion blog post by Sequins & Sweets!!

Sequins and Sweets

Colors of fallI don’t know why, but I am seriously starting to think about fall, even if there is a little over a month left of summer. It’s probably because the colors are so versatile and fun for fall. Three colors in particular, red, grey, and blue, are my personal favorites. They go so well with anything, not to mention, in an outfit comprising of just these colors alone.

1. Kate Spade Bag ~ $149
2. French Connection Tulip Coat ~ $325
3. Zara High Waist Pencil Skirt ~ $60
4. Mango Grey Jeans ~ $70
5. J. Crew Long Cardigan ~ $90
6. Rag & Bone Suede Ankle Boots ~ $727
7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Leopard Scarf ~ $158
8. Rag & Bone Elsa Dress ~ $395
9. Chinti and Parker Sweater ~ $550

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Designer Fall Footwear

I’m on a mini blog hiatus, but not to worry folks I’ll be back at it soon!!! But in the mean time here is an awesome blog post by Frivolous Fringe on what you need to know NOW to be stylish in FALL!!!! Enjoy!


designer fall footwear

I’m obsessed with all the bootie trends for this fall! If only I could afford these babies, right?! :]

1. Miu Miu Leopard Print Ankle Bootie, 2. Giuseppe Zanotti Leather Bootie

3. Dsquared Heels, 4. Saint Laurent Suede Ankle Boot

xoxo- Frivolous Fringe

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Summer Getaways…


Happy Friday folks! I know everyone in the corporate world is jumping up and clicking their heels as they run out the door to the nearest happy hour.  But for those VERY lucky ones, instead of gathering at the local watering hole with the same people you’ve been stuck inside with all week, they are heading to an exciting weekend getaway to somewhere fabulous.

As I prep for my own mini-vacation next week, I thought of all those who also take advantage of the short summer season and get away, even if just for the night, for some rest and relaxation.  More importantly I thought of what they pack for those short trips.  I’m guilty of being an over-packer.  I always expect the unexpected, love to have a ton of options and oddly seem to buy something while on my trip to wear and usually come home with a suitcase of clean clothes, which don’t get me wrong isn’t all that bad. BUT, there are definitely a few things I never leave home without on one of these said weekend retreats.

1. White T-Shirt ….Can’t go wrong with the basics right?  Since most weekend getaways are road trips, throwing on a white t-shirt with basically anything whether it be leggings, jean cutoffs, a terry skirt, or whatever it may be, will have you feeling cool and comfortable for that long car ride to and from.  And if you are only going for a night, this can also double as your pjs, giving you space to pack a few other items in your luggage.

2. Maxi Dress….I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes and going, “I’m too short to wear a maxi dress.” YOU ARE WRONG! Oddly enough, maxi dresses have a way of looking great on everyone, you just have to find what works for you!.  Whether it be a cotton/spandex tank maxi dress, like I’ve worn here, that can be used as a cover up or great for just wandering around town souvenir shopping.  Or one like this (Maxi Dress), that’s a bit fancier and a great option for a romantic sunset dinner with your love dove…

3. Bathing Suit….Again with the eye roll! But us curvy girls must swim too! I especially love J.Crew’s swim line because they offer so many mix and match options that everyone will surely find a suit that fits them.  The material on these suits are fantastic and if you take care of them, a suit can last you YEARS! I still have the suits I bought from them back in HIGH SCHOOL! Granted they don’t fit anymore, but I still have them…Can we say hoarders???

4. Sandals…The summer footwear staple.  Not the best when it comes to ankle support, but whether it’s a basic flip-flop to wear down on the sand, or a bejeweled strappy gladiator to compliment that maxi dress, sandals are great for weekend trips.  No need to pack the clunky wedges or sky-high heels for these quick trips.  Be comfy and stylish all at the same time.

5. And finally, the other item I HAVE TO HAVE on my weekend trips is a cozy knit sweater.  Nothing beats those cool nights sitting out under the stars, next to a bon-fire with great friends.  Some of the best memories I have of summer are doing just that, and after a long day in the hot sun, nothing feels better on your skin then a comfy sweater .

So go on, get to packing, because if you don’t hurry the weekend will be gone before you know it!

Style Economics…

Ok so with another major American holiday just around the corner, and the retail summer season coming to an end (yes end, don’t be surprised to start seeing fall gear in stores soon) it’s a great time to go out and take advantage of some MAJOR sales.  Some of our favorite go to stores are marking things down to nearly zero and this is the time to open your wallets up juuuuust a little bit and help out the economy! I should talk I’m pretty sure I’m single-handedly narrowing the deficit, but that’s besides the point.

Here are a few of the sales I’ve already hit and will be hitting over the next few days to stock up and revamp my summer attire! Just look at the goodies I picked up at H&M and J.Crew for cheap!!!


American Eagle 40% OFF SELECTED ITEMS




TOP: H&M; SKIRT & EARRINGS: J.Crew; SHOES: Forever21

Dizzy Designs…

Why is it that when one thing goes wrong, everything else seems to crumble right along with it?  Or when you are busy, you are SO busy you can’t seem to catch your breath?  I guess when it rains it pours, and oddly enough the weather recently has brought along enough rain to drown us all.  But to try to keep my mind off work, the crummy pressure systems and just overall emotional turmoil of last week, I’m keeping my outfits bright and summery.  Nothing like a vibrant paisley print to put you in a good mood, right? Hoping the bright colors and dizzying pattern will keep my concentration on the lighter happier things….

Top and Shoes: Forever 21; Skirt and Necklace: J.Crew


Squeezing Lemons…

Driving around this weekend I saw a ton of kids sitting at their lemonade stands and it was so cute to see that it was still something people did! Granted I never actually did it myself, but that’s because my street didn’t have a sidewalk, and there’s a pretty good chance my father had my sister and I weeding the garden if we had a free minute instead of trying to make a buck on the corner…But seeing all that lemony goodness definitely inspired my lemon-lime ensemble today.  And it was no shock that that’s exactly what everyone at work referenced when they saw me, asking where my lemonade stand was….Too bad I didn’t have vodka in my desk to go along with the lemon jokes, maybe they would have made them tolerable.

Top: J.Crew Factory; Necklace: J.Crew; Skirt & Shoes: Forever 21

Corporate Struggles…

So it’s only Wednesday, but I feel like I’ve lived a month in the past 3 days. The office has been non-stop with extremely late nights and early morning, leaving me with little sanity to hold on to for the rest of the week. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had the urge of crawling under their desk and sobbing only to pop out just moments before a big meeting. Or maybe lunch, I’d definitely come up for some lunch… In all seriousness, my apologies to you all for falling a bit behind on my postings. But to be honest the last thing I want to do is turn on the computer at 11pm after 12+ hours of staring at one. But don’t fret my fashion pets, I promise to catch you all up this weekend! So keep an eye out for my upcoming posts!

Skirt & Necklace: J.Crew; Top: Old Navy; Shoes: Vince Camuto