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Wisconsin Wedding Weekend – Part 3 – Goodbyes and Well Wishes…

We woke up to much crisper weather and what was the most picturesque fall day you could imagine.  The wedding festivities continued with brunch and after a quick bite it was time to say goodbye and farewell. It was a great weekend, getting to experience a few new cities and to see some great people after way too long.  It is weekends like this where you experience true and genuine love between two people who make you believe that there is still hope for those of us still looking, that we too can find and experience the same type of love.  With so many great moments, I had a lot to reflect on and luckily I had a couple of hours at the airport and a flight home to do just that.  It was a trip I’ll hold close to my heart and with my glass held high, let me cheers one more time to Erin and Brian, may your love for one another grow each day, may the friendship you have stay true and may your new life together remain fruitful and full of laughter.  Cheers!


Top: Ann Taylor: Jeans: Forever 21; Shoes: Victoria Secret; Trench Coat: J.Crew

Wisconsin Wedding Weekend – Part 2

The bride and groom both had many guests from out of town, so they were gracious enough to offer suggestions to the guests as to what to do in the morning before the wedding festivities got underway.  So off to the Madison farmer’s market we went.  This thing was MASSIVE, hundreds of vendors selling their produce, baked goods, and CHEESE. LOTS AND LOTS of CHEESE!!! It was a site to see and took us a few hours to experience, but with a cup of coffee in hand we walked among the locals and University of Wisconsin students and took in the sights, sounds and yummy smells.  It was definitely a great way to start off the day.

Then after much prep and an attempt to wind/rain proof my do, it was off to the church to witness (and I’m not being biased) the sweetest wedding ceremony.  The couple wrote their own vows and I have to admit, I shed a tear or 15….

After a quick rain shower it was on to the reception, where the party raged on to the morning and where those distant relatives showed off their dance moves that only come out at occasions like this, and they did NOT disappoint.


Dress and Shoes: ASOS

Wisconsin Wedding Weekend – Part 1…

“Good morning Wisconsin!” That’s exactly what I exclaimed everyday for the last three days because I got the chance to travel to the far away land of WISCONSIN! Why WI do you ask? Well if my title didn’t give it away, but I embarked on my first trip to the Midwest for the wedding of my former college roommate.  So with a flight booked, off to the country’s dairy capital I went! Meeting another friend early on Friday morning, we rented a car and decided to take in as much of the great state we possibly could in the short amount of time we had.  First stop was of course, lunch! We hit up the International Safe House – a spy themed restaurant appropriately hidden down a back alley in downtown Milwaukee.  It was a fun treat even from going through a faux bookcase that opened up to the main dining room.  The walls are covered in James Bond memorabilia and your server hands you clues and encourages you to wander around and open trick doors and passageways.  Even the exit is a hidden door you have to try to find and oh yea, pay a quarter to get out of….

Next up on our first day in WI – The Bronze Fonz of course! Yes, Milwaukee has a bronze statue of the Fonz also on the waterfront. Check it out below! We met a lovely couple from North Carolina who were very confused as to how two such young ladies knew who the Fonz even was, but rest assure we definitely do!!!

Well our time in Milwaukee was very short, and in just a few hours we were back in our chariot (rental car) and off to the middle of no where (literally) to visit the House on the Rock – a HUGE home, that looks more like a Disney World attraction, built on top/into a large rock formation, filled with antiques, crazy rooms and creepy music.  While an interesting thing to see, not sure I’d be going back year after year…

After the house it was on to our final WI destination – the state’s capital of Madison.  An hour ride from the House on the Rock, we stopped at cheese outlets, sausage outlets and laughed at all the fun/quirky signs that popped up in every small town.

Finally in Madison, we ventured for some grub and let me tell you, the Midwest lived up to it’s stereotype of having nice people – even the drunk ones were nice, making sure the hostess at the restaurant had our name down on the list for a table and pointed us (several times) to the bar for drinks.  It was a great first day in WI and stay tuned to see what else I experienced!!!

Top: Ann Taylor; Jeans: Forever 21; Shoes: Steve Madden; Bag: Louis Vuitton

1 year old…


Well I will be the first to say, I never thought I’d make it this far… Happy 1 year to Hedge Funds and High Heels!!!  With 130 posts, some dry spells, some awful fashion choices (obviously those fell to the editing room floor), and some incredible inspiration, my little blog has lasted a full year.  I’m the first to admit that I have the attention span of a gnat, and never tend to stick to something for too long, but this blog of mine has shown me that if you are truly passionate about something, you will want to continue it, make it better, and enjoy every minute of it.  But I couldn’t have lasted this long without all of you, so thank you to my followers, readers, style inspirers and everyone else who has had any impact on me and the site.  I owe you all a drink!!!! Here’s to hopefully many more posts, comments, and years of fashion brilliance!  XOXOXOXO ALINA

Lady in Red…

Fancy Sunday? Why not. Only downside was having to get up a bit earlier than I would have liked to but the morning was crisp and smelt like fall, so I didn’t mind so much.  Our church was having a parish picnic, so it was a perfect reason to be up and out with the sun.  Ok, I may be exaggerating, I was not up with the sun, but it sure felt like it.  Coffee was a must, but anyway…  Dressed in our Sunday’s best, everyone gathered together to enjoy each other’s company, some yummy grub and the awesome weather.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day to take this pretty shift for a spin.

Dress: J.Crew Factory; Shoes: Vince Camuto

Jazz Hands…

Thankfully there were no photos of my jazz hands taken when I went to a local jazz festival.  The weather was oddly reminiscent of mid-summer so I thought I’d finally pull the tag off these shorts that I had been trying to find a place to wear to all season long.  Well I sure found it.  Strolling up and down the streets, listening to some awesome music and with exceptional company, the crisp white top and these ikat stunners were perfect.  And if you look closely, that’d be Bernie Williams, former New York Yankee playing on the bass!! Glad I was able to get wear these patterned beauties before the temps dropped down into the 60s the past couple of days, but I have to say, my fall wardrobe is looking mighty fine, so stay tuned!!!!

Top: Alloy; Shorts: J.Crew; Wedges: Banana Republic (old)

Last Bit of Summer…

Well there it went folks, summer.  Slipped on out the back door just as fast as it came in.  But what can we do? Hopefully you all enjoyed it as much as possible and let’s face it, the best season is now nipping at our heels, but that’s just my opinion.  But while this Labor Weekend has been a bit of a bust weather wise, I did get a chance to pull out one last pair of shorts to try and chase away the clouds.  Wishful thinking that the bright colored pair I grabbed from my drawer would bring out the sun, but at least I gave it a whirl.  So long summer, you’ve been, umm well, you’ve been something.  Here’s to those few memorable moments, but this girl is ready to pack away the swimsuits (THANK YOU BABY JESUS) and ready to pull out the leather pants!!

T-Shirt: H&M; Shorts & Bracelet: J.Crew Factory

Mid-Summer Glow

With the summer half under wraps, it has finally clicked to me that the warm weather won’t be here for much longer. And that’s why I have decided to take advantage of every last minute of it, with trips to visit friends, spending time in the sun, and enjoying the great outdoors.  It’s as though my tan finally figured out that summer was speeding towards an end as well, and decided it was actually going to make an appearance this year.  WOOHOO! Even the my blonde becomes slightly too blonde, and finding a shade of foundation/concealer in my makeup arsenal to match my new skin tone is quite a challenge, nothing beats someone saying, “you look so tan.”  It really is a great feeling to know the time you’ve spent taking in all that vitamin D (responsibly of course) has paid off.  Nothing like those little moments to really make you happy!

Dress: Hello Miss (Purchased on Haute Look); Shoes: Alloy

Breezy & Cool…

When life hands you a day with 80 degree temps, and absolutely NO humidity, you take it and run with it.  A day that gives you perfectly volumized, non-frizzy hair and has a slight breeze could put a smile on even the grouchiest of faces.  After a week of record highs, we were due for a gorgeous day like this past Friday, which could only be described as picturesque.    Topped off with a boat ride on the river during sunset, it was a summer night for the books.  Now a girl can only hope that this weather continues for the rest of the season, so perfectly plumped hair and all my other breezy blouses can make an appearance before it’s time to pack them away and pull out the wool sweaters.  Fingers crossed!

Top, Jeans, & Shoes: Forever 21; Earrings: Anthropologie

Weekend Retreat…

Whenever I’m in need of a little getaway, it’s good to know I can just hop in my car and in a quick drive I could be grabbing some drinks near the beach with some good friends.  And this weekend it was a perfect chance to do just that.  Hot and balmy weather called for a few refreshing beverages and some dancing to be done.  Nothing worse though than going out looking great, and ending up on a cramped, hot dance floor and all that cuteness going out the window.  But at that point do we even care? All in all it was a great weekend, full of relaxation, good conversation and even the meeting of a few new friends. Hoping to keep the mood and momentum going this week.


Top: H&M; Skirt and Earrings: Francesca’s; Shoes: Michael Kors (purchased on Poshmark app)