Wisconsin Wedding Weekend – Part 2

The bride and groom both had many guests from out of town, so they were gracious enough to offer suggestions to the guests as to what to do in the morning before the wedding festivities got underway.  So off to the Madison farmer’s market we went.  This thing was MASSIVE, hundreds of vendors selling their produce, baked goods, and CHEESE. LOTS AND LOTS of CHEESE!!! It was a site to see and took us a few hours to experience, but with a cup of coffee in hand we walked among the locals and University of Wisconsin students and took in the sights, sounds and yummy smells.  It was definitely a great way to start off the day.

Then after much prep and an attempt to wind/rain proof my do, it was off to the church to witness (and I’m not being biased) the sweetest wedding ceremony.  The couple wrote their own vows and I have to admit, I shed a tear or 15….

After a quick rain shower it was on to the reception, where the party raged on to the morning and where those distant relatives showed off their dance moves that only come out at occasions like this, and they did NOT disappoint.


Dress and Shoes: ASOS

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