Ever since starting to blog and after years of reading other blogs, I’ve noticed I tend to pay more attention to those around me and the style choices they make.  Granted I have my misses and days where sweats and a t-shirt win in the battle of the closet, but I am more aware of what is going on around me, and to be honest, it sometimes drives me absolutely batty. I have to stop and think, “did you even look in the mirror before leaving the house today? Do you even own a mirror!?”  With all these thoughts and opinions running through my head I’d thought I’d let them all out here and share what’s going on inside my head and so today’s post will be my very first “fashionism”.

At work on Friday, I decided to wear this teal wool blazer, fall is in full affect, and it’s starting to get a bit nippy out, so seeing wool in the office is very normal.  Wearing blazers on casual Friday to make an outfit more corporate appropriate are also a great thing, but there was one blazer I saw at work that was a big fashion NO, NO…  The heavy, floral, PASTEL printed, bell sleeve blazer with large lapel.  Oy….

Fsshionism #1 – Before you leave the house to embark on your day, ask yourself – “Do I look like a piece of furniture or window treatment in this?” If you have to stop and think about the answer or if the answer is YES, do yourself a favor and CHANGE… No one wants to look like grandma’s couch or drape in their outfit, right!? Right…

Blazer & Necklace: J.Crew Factory; Jeans: Forever21; White Top: H&M


About hedgefundsandhighheels

20-something trying to make it in the world of finance. Using my love for fashion to stand out among the suits...

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